TRUE Stories

TRUE Stories, which stands for Teaching, Reaching, Understanding, and Empowerment is a “Self Actualization & Healing through Personal Story” writing workshop that I began teaching as part of a larger program I started in Charleston in 2008 called TRUE Initiative.

TRUE Initiative is a traveling arts and wellness education  program that is directed towards adolescent girls and women, locally. It includes a menu of innovative and experiential courses in arts and wellness that encourages girls and women to define what is TRUE for them as individuals.

In my January 2009 interview with The Post & Courier, I explained my reasoning for creating the program: “I have always been passionate about the well-being of women, especially young women, who can become confused or lost (often for long periods of time) if they aren’t supported in nourishing themselves from the inside out and expressing their truths. I think wellness is something we give to ourselves and art is something we express into the world. On the other hand, art nourishes us and wellness is a vital expression that improves our lives and the lives of those around us. There are plenty of programs that address wellness and plenty that relate to the arts, but I think there is a lot of power in the marriage of the two.”

TRUE Stories, itself, is a writing workshop that helps women name, claim, and reframe their personal stories in a way that becomes a sacred process for healing old (and new) wounds, connecting to a deeper well of wisdom, and standing in their power as survivors, creators, and truth-tellers.

TRUE Stories is a workshop offered in person in the Carolinas, but will also launch in late 2016 online as an interactive community class via webinar, which will be offered worldwide. TRUE Stories can also be found on Facebook (including a private group where YOU can share YOUR essential personal stories) and on Instagram. The TRUE Stories workshop is generously priced on a sliding scale based on the type of organization it is serving (i.e., non-profit, church, business, women’s group, etc..)

The TRUE Initiative menu is currently being revised in preparation for our relaunch in Charlotte, North Carolina in the summer of 2016. Since we are reviving the program after a long hiatus, the website is currently in design and therefore unpublished. We are working to have it up shortly.

In the meantime, you may contact Kendall Heath at 704-626-8400 or with questions regarding TRUE Initiative or TRUE Stories program details, pricing, or collaboration.

Tell your true stories.