What The Goose Gave Me – Wild Goose Festival 2016

Two weeks ago, my little family of three, traveled up to Hot Springs, North Carolina, from Lake Norman (Charlotte), NC, for our first Wild Goose Festival, where we joined close friends from our “church”, Inclusion Community . (Our spiritual community doesn’t exactly always know what to call ourselves, so church generally suffices.) When I joined […]

What to Do When Life is Closing In On You, You No Longer Remember Who You Are, And You’re Spiritually Bankrupt

  You’re down the rabbit hole, my friend. It happens to people every day in the world but it wasn’t supposed to happen to you, right? You’re walking around with a sadness right behind your eyes and your lips that once smiled…a lot. Shame, blame, guilt, rage, chaos, and fear have taken over your life. You’ve tried […]